BACK TO THE FUTURE II Writer Addresses Edited Netflix Version of the Film

Credit: Universal Pictures

Back to the Future II writer Bob Gale has responded to fans who noticed Netflix’s recently streaming version of the film’s content, which included a small edit that removed the cover of an adult magazine from a scene in the movie.

The scene, in which Marty McFly conceals an adult magazine in the future almanac at the center of the film’s story, originally showed the slightly racy cover of a magazine titled Oh La La, which, in the edited version, was edited out of the shot.

Though this version has since been replaced with the original theatrical version, showing the cover, Gale addressed the change, saying the blame for the alteration lies with Universal, the studio that produced the film and furnished it to Netflix.

“The blame is on Universal who somehow furnished Netflix an edited version of the movie,” Gale told The Hollywood Reporter. “I learned about it some ten days ago from an eagle-eyed fan, and had the studio rectify the error. The version now running is the uncensored, unedited, original version.” 


“Apparently, this was a foreign version which neither director Robert Zemeckis nor I even knew existed, for some country that had a problem with the Oh La La magazine cover,” Gale continued. “I asked that the studio destroy this version. FYI, Netflix does not edit films — they only run the versions that are supplied to them. So they’re blameless. You can direct your ire at Universal, but I think they will be a lot more careful in the future — and with ‘the future.'”

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