Credit: Luciano Vecchio

Credit: Luciano Vecchio

Luciano Vecchio, artist of Marvel’s upcoming New Warriors relaunch, hasn’t slowed down in creating his own Marvel/DC mash-up characters following Newsarama’s “Amalgam Again” event in which we paid homage to the Marvel/DC 90s Amalgam series.

Over the weekend, Vecchio unveiled two more Amalgams – and even some supporting characters.

First up is Semigod (a combo of Thor and Superman) and his arch-enemy Lokhir (a combo of Lex Luthor and Loki). You can see them both on the right.

“Red caped godlike hero from a higher species with a destroyed homeworld: Semigod, The Last Son of Asgard (Thor + Superman) and his envious human adoptive brother Lokhir (Loki + Luthor),” reads Vecchio’s tweet of the designs.

Credit: Luciano Vecchio

Then there’s Emerald Marvel (a combo of Green Lantern and Captain Marvel), presented alongside Amy Rage (Vecchio’s mash-up of Amanda Waller and Nick Fury), both seen to the left.

“Test pilot gains immense cosmic power and is drafted into an intergalactic army: Emerald Marvel (Captain Marvel + Green Lantern),” reads Vecchio’s description. “Bonus: Leader of secret organization overlooking superhuman matters: Amy Rage (Nick Fury + Amanda Waller).”

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