Sailor Moon Eternal Reveals Magical Clip of Transformation Sequences!

Anime movie Sailor Moon Eternal has released a special clip showcasing the transformations of Super Sailor Moon and the Outer Sailor Guardians, which includes Super Sailor Saturn’s first ever anime transformation sequence!

Beginning with the transformation sequences of Super Sailor Uranus (Haruka Tenoh), Super Sailor Neptune (Michiru Kaioh), Super Sailor Pluto (Setsuna Meinoh), and Super Sailor Saturn (Tomoe Hotaru), the clip culminates with Sailor Moon’s transformation into her final form, Eternal Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon Eternal is the latest installment in Takeuchi Naoko’s iconic magical girl franchise. Its 20th anniversary project began in 2012, with reboot anime series Sailor Moon Crystal airing in 2014. The two-part Eternal movie serves as both a sequel and a “fourth season.”

The second part of the two-part Sailor Moon Eternal movie opens at cinemas across Japan on Feb. 11.

(C)Takeuchi Naoko, PNP / Sailor Moon Eternal Production Committee

Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

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