Godzilla vs Kong Releases Two Explosive TV Spots

Godzilla vs Kong is just weeks out from its big debut, and fans are ready to see what is in store for the flick. The epic sequel promises to tie together the MonsterVerse with two of film’s biggest kaiju. As you may have guessed, all eyes are on the pair as the movie nears its premiere, and two new TV spots just made it easier to check in on the beasts.

As you can see above (and below), there are two new TV spots out for Godzilla vs Kong. The trailers are coming out quickly these days since the film plans to hit theaters at the end of March. Stateside fans will be reunited with Godzilla and Kong before April comes around, and these promos will make them even more impatient for the debut.

As you can see, one of the Godzilla vs Kong TV spots focuses on Kong and his part in the film. The ape is shown using sign language to speak with a mysterious girl who appears to live on Skull Island. The promo goes on to show Kong fighting Godzilla in the middle of the ocean, and several soldiers admit the ape is humanity’s best hope for survival. But against what…? Well, we can only assume Godzilla.

The other TV spot begins with Kong, but things shift to Godzilla before long. Fans are shown a bunch of footage as the pair fight against one another, and all of mankind is left to watch with bated breath. The clip ends with Kong and Godzilla roaring at one another, so here’s to hoping the two can understand one another. They may have to duke things out a bit, but a bit of communication could help the kaiju work out their problems if they just tried.

What do you make of these new spots? How hyped are you for Godzilla vs Kong to go live? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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