WandaVision Theory Explains Why Series Finally Started Including Post-Credits Scenes

The most recent episode of WandaVision was significant for quite a few reasons. Most importantly, the episode revealed Kathryn Hahn’s Agnes to be the Marvel witch Agatha Harkness, who has secretly been behind everything going on in Westview to this point. While a lot of the conversation about the episode has surrounded the big reveal, as well as “Agatha All Along,” there was another big moment at the very end of the half-hour. For the first time in the series, WandaVision honored the Marvel Cinematic Universe legacy of the post-credits scene.

WandaVision has a short mid-credits scene attached to Episode 7, in which Monica Rambeau begins investigating Agatha’s house until she’s caught by Pietro. The scene doesn’t offer much in the way of information about the plot, but it is meaningful for the series to finally embrace the credits tag. Many fans are left wondering, however, why WandaVision chose this episode as its first foray into the credits game, especially since the scene doesn’t seem all that significant. Well, according to one fan theory online, it has to do with the current sitcom era the show has reached.

The latest episode uses Modern Family as its sitcom inspiration, a show that premiered after the beginning of the MCU. According to a Reddit user named bpalcencia, this could be why the credits tag was included. The style of the series now exists in the age of the MCU post-credits scene.

“As you might know, WandaVision (S01E07) is the first episode that contains a mid-credit scene; I believe that this happens because the show is now in the 2000-2010 era, and that is when the mid-credit scenes started being used in the MCU and pop culture,” the user explained in a post.

This is a theory that doesn’t seem to have any holes at the moment. The creative team behind WandaVision has shown an incredible attention to detail, so this lines up with all of the decisions they’ve made to this point. WandaVision‘s sitcom reality has reached the late 2000s, so the style is finally able to embrace a world in which Samuel L. Jackson appearing after the Iron Man credits has taken pop culture by storm.


If this theory is correct, the final two episodes of WandaVision will also contain some sort of post-credits scene. Many expected the last episode to do so anyway, potentially setting up something like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Are you glad to see WandaVision embracing the post-credits scene? Let us know in the comments!

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