WandaVision Writer Laura Donney Addresses This Week’s Emotional Episode

The writer of WandaVision’s most recent episode addressed the emotional core of the story. Episode 8 ended up being a tour through the lowlights of Wanda Maximoff’s life. Laura Donney is the writer responsible for guiding viewers through that journey. Agatha decides to put the Scarlet Witch through her magical version of therapy by revisiting past wounds. If you’ve spent all these movies rooting for Wanda, or if you’re just getting to know these characters from WandaVision, it’s a heavy episode. But, there is light, and the idea that accepting the bad things that happen to you and moving forward is a part of growing past your traumas. Donny addressed all the well wishes on her Twitter account. (A cursory scan of the platform sees a lot of people loved Vision’s line about grief being love that endures!)

“I told a therapist once that my trauma defined me. She said no: It shapes you,” Donney began. “It was paramount to the writers of #WandaVison to not just look at where Wanda has been, but to spend time with her there. To give space & voice to her grief, to her loss. To watch her take shape.” had the opportunity to speak with Elizabeth Olsen about the journey that Wanda travels across these episodes.

“I know what it means,” Olsen explained. “I do think it is, it’s almost like it’s when I say coming of age story for her, it’s more like coming up of a woman age story. Like you know, you start to come to terms with your past and who you are and take accountability for things and kind of coming to terms with yourself. I’ll say.”


“I think as much as I can understand parenting you would do anything to protect your family and your children,” she added. “I think what it does bring up for her is this reflection of her own experiences from when she was a child and her you know, throughout her family.” It’s a “tough background,” as Olsen calls it, one which has seen Wanda Maximoff lose just about everyone she as loved throughout her MCU tenure (her parents, her brother, her Vision).

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