Invincible Creator Teases How Live-Action Movie Will Differ From Animated Series

Back in 2017 it was announced that the Robert Kirkman comic series Invincible was headed for the big screen. Filmmakers and noted comic fans Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (Preacher, The Boys) were attached to write and direct but in the years since no updates have popped up. In fact, just one year later Amazon announced they were developing an Invincible animated series, which just premiered its first three episodes just last week. So what does the show mean for the status of the movie? Kirkman says they can both exist and that the film is still happening, albeit with some changes.

“Working with Seth [Rogen] and Evan [Goldberg] on the movie, I think that when the movie comes to be, you will see that there are vast differences,” the comic scribe told CinemaBlend. “I think that there are many different ways that you can adapt Invincible, and the starting points are going to be very different. And so the kind of story that we’re telling in the film version is much different than the kind of story that we’re telling in the animated version, and you’ll see the two coinciding and coexisting, but being very separate. So I wouldn’t expect any kind of… You know, there mi-i-ight be some casting crossover, I think that would be a fun thing to do. There are a few actors that I think would do really well as the live-action counterpart. But yeah, the two things are very different.”

One of the actors that Kirkman ruled out as crossing over however is The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun, who provides the voice for lead character Mark Grayson in the Amazon animated series.

Kirkman added, “Well, Steven [Yeun] wouldn’t mind me saying that, I think, Steven is far too old to play a live-action Mark Grayson.”

Among the many ways that the Invincible animated series and movie could differ is that the cartoon has already moved up some major elements from the comic book storyline, having them occur in the pilot episode rather than further down the road.


It’s also not entirely unheard of for unrelated cartoons and feature films to be airing on TV (or streaming in this case) and playing in movie theaters too as Marvel properties have frequently been adapted into TV shows ahead of and after the release of major Marvel Studios movies.

You can see the first three episodes of Invincible now on Amazon Prime Video with new episodes dropping Fridays on the streaming service.

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