Ms. Marvel Showrunner Teases Loki Role

With how connected the Marvel Cinematic Universe is on the screen, it should come as no surprise that the filmmakers are equally (if not more) connected behind-the-scenes. Ms. Marvel showrunner Bisha K. Ali shared her excitement for the new Loki trailer which dropped on Monday morning. As it turns out, Ali has worked closely with the team behind Loki during her time joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Her work on Ms. Marvel as the show’s head writer and executive producer will debut before the year is over but, for now, she is like the rest of us: celebrating the work of the team responsible for Loki, which seems to include her!

Ali went on Twitter after the Loki trailer dropped to show some love for the new series which debuts its first episode in June. She quote-tweeted the new footage with some emojis, including one which points out the show’s time travel elements!

See the tweet which started Ali’s thread below!

She followed up with her tweet with a bit of insight about how she reacts to anything that gets her excited for Loki which prompts the “Loki time!” phrase in her mind.

“Whenever I say Loki Time, I sing it to myself to the tune of Closing Tine by Semisonic,” she tweeted. “I have been doing this in my head since I went to interview for my first job at Marvel in March (?!) 2019. Time… flies.” It is unclear whether or not Ali interviewed to work on Loki as one of the show’s writers before she became the head writer on Ms. Marvel.

See the second tweet, which includes a YouTube link to the well-known song, below!

“Also, one of the nicest interviews I’ve ever had,” Ali said in a third tweet. “[Michael Waldron] and the team said they wanted to add a storyteller who was also an A++++ sci-fi nerd – I said hold my Samarian Sunset. [Kate Herron]’s crafting of her vision… it’s breathtaking. Can’t wait to see it in the world.”

This would seem to indicate Ali did have some input on the Loki series, though she has not officially been announced as a part of the series by Marvel or Disney. See the third tweet below!


Congrats to Ali if the case is that she has been involved in both titles! Loki debuts on Disney+ on June 11. Ms. Marvel does not yet have a premiere date.

Are you excited for Loki and Ms. Marvel? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Instagram!

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