MLB The Show 21 Receives Massive New Game Update, Patch Notes Revealed

Developer Sony San Diego has been hard at work fine-tuning MLB The Show 21 ever since the game released in early access two weeks ago today. Although not every issue has been fixed at this point–mainly in regards to the servers–a major new update has been released as of today that should make the sports sim that much more polished.

The third game update for MLB The Show 21 has rolled out recently across all platforms and brings with it numerous changes. Per usual with an update of this sort so quickly after launch, much of what has been included in the patch is mainly bug fixes and other tweaks that help rectify some lingering balance issues.

What’s perhaps most notable about this update is that the adjustments that are included here seem to affect every area of the game in some capacity. Whether you’re playing in Diamond Dynasty, Franchise, or Road to the Show, Sony San Diego has changed something to make MLB The Show 21 that much better. Although we’ll surely get more updates like this in the future, the fixes in this patch are very much a good starting point for the remainder of the season.

If you’re looking to play MLB The Show 21 for yourself right now, the game is currently available across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Conversely, you can find the full patch notes for today’s new update listed down below.



  • Fixed a bug where a player would dive tag when it wasn’t necessary
  • Fixed an issue where left handed pitchers would turn the wrong direction when covering home
  • Fixed an issue where the catcher would occasionally not attempt to tag a runner stealing home
  • Fixed an occasional freeze that would happen when the offensive player steals on a bases loaded while swinging on strike 3
  • Pinch runner substitution will now only prompt user of extra runner on 2nd if they should be replaced
  • Players that are due up are now visible in the quick menu on offense and defense
  • Fixed an issue where players would occasionally “freeze” after the defensive users selects a secondary pitch
  • Fixed an issue where users were not able to pick up the ball after a diving stop
  • Fixed an issue where catchers would throw after a throw cancel
  • Fixed an issue that would occasionally cause a soft lock after a homerun
  • Fixed a visual bug that would cause player cards getting stuck on the screen for the offensive user
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a runner to disappear when they were also called to the on-deck circle in Showdown
  • Fixed a soft lock that would occasionally happen when the defensive player makes a substitution
  • Fixed an issue that would cause hitter tendencies to not display in player cards in game

There are no tuning changes to gameplay in this update.


  • Increased the progression rate of Ballplayer fundamentals
  • Fixed an issue that would occasionally cause created players to change appearance when the edit player screen was accessed
  • Fixed a visual bug with the Ballplayers attribute bar that would allow it to go over 99 even though base attributes don’t impact the Ballplayer past 99. (Equipment still works as intended and it will apply the corresponding attributes to the Player Card once loaded into the game and your Ballplayer is on the field)
  • Fixed an issue where a Ballplayer would disappear in the Loadout screen
  • Fixed an issue where a player’s Throw and Bat hand were displaying incorrectly in the loading screen
  • Fixed an issue where Silver Slugger Archetype Items would not populate in the players inventory until the game was restarted
  • Fixed an issue in Diamond Dynasty where the Ballplayer would incorrectly show as a catcher


  • Players can now see which Loadout was last active when in game
  • Players will now correctly swap to the correct loadout when advancing to the next game
  • Fixed an issue where Pitchers would stop pitching
  • Players will now be able to add additional pitches to your Ballplayer through training sessions in RTTS
  • Fixed a crash that would happen occasionally when entering the Road to the Show menus online
  • Fixed a bug where stats would not track within RTTS if the user plays an Online DD game prior
  • Fixed an occasional issue where the players would lose control after a defelection
  • Fixed an issue where the CPU would defensively sub the player after one pitch
  • Archetype Item Programs should now track accurately in RTTS
  • In game attributes should now change as intended when a non-activated Loadout is selected
  • The game will now send players to Ballplayer customization so you can customize your character before beginning RTTS
  • Fixed an issue with Archetype Item progression and simulating to the end of a game
  • Fixed a loadout tracking issue when having multiple loadouts to pick from
  • Fixed an issue with Archetype Item progression and simulating to the end of a game


  • Fixed a bug that would allow two versions of the same player in a squad
  • The full batting order will now display in view while making pre-game selections


  • Fixed an issue where March to October save file authentication would fail if an online connection was lost prior to restarting the console


  • When offline, the fast forward prompt no longer stays on screen after a presentation completes
  • Fixed to a soft lock that could happen when a user was using Pure Analogue hitting when online


  • PNC Park – Fixed an issue where the camera falls under the stadium when replaying 450+ ft homeruns at
  • PNC Park – Various texture and environment fixes
  • Forbes Field – Fixed an issue that would cause a random player from the batting team to occasionally go frolicking through the field at the start of an inning
  • Globe Life Field – Various texture and lighting fixes
  • Chase Field – Fixed a bug that would cause Chase Field to have open roof lighting when the roof was actually closed (XBOX only)
  • Busch Stadium – Fixed an issue where the right field scoreboard would show incorrect data in replay mode
  • Wrigley Field – scoreboard updated to show BB/9 instead of BB/K
  • Marlins park has been renamed to loanDepot park
  • Fixed various player animations in the dugouts across all stadiums


  • Added search functions (search by online ID or stadium name) and sort functions (date, name, rating, and downloads) to the Stadium Creator vault
  • Fixed an issue where the camera would shake when locked on a 450+ homerun in custom stadiums
  • Fixed an issue where the “jump at the wall” indicator would not appear in certain custom stadium walls
  • Various fixes made to the environments in Stadium Creator
  • Adjustments made to the camera behavior in custom stadiums
  • Fixed an occasional crash when entering a created stadium after being in the vault
  • Added a greater variety of presentation cameras in created stadiums
  • Players are now able to cancel out of a selected tutorial when viewing the Stadium Hub
  • Added an alert to notify players when selecting a template will revert to a blank canvas


  • Fixed a bug in the Achievements screen where both Hall of Fame players had the same stats
  • Fixed a bug where active rosters and 40-man rosters were not being filled


  • Increased the speed in which the card rarity is revealed when opening packs
  • The “Due Up” list is now available from the in-game Quick Menu while on both offense and defense
  • Various updates and adjustments made to the UI
  • Fixed an issue where the homerun OSD would stay on the screen
  • The notification pop up as been moved to prevent it from covering the player’s profile icon and stubs amount
  • Fixed a bug where the All Star Game score display would showing incorrect pitch types and speeds
  • Pinch runner substitution will now only prompt user of extra runner on 2nd if they should be replaced
  • Fixed a rare occurrence where the pitching tutorial would appear while the player is batting
  • Fixed a bug where the fielding tutorial would sometimes appear blank


  • Fixed an issue where System Messages would fail to appear when accepting an invite to join a Custom League when Communications are set to blocked
  • Added a notification for Xbox players instructing how to disable crossplay in the Profile screen


  • Added Evoshield logo and other equipment images
  • Fix to a crash that happened in the quick menu in MLB Network
  • Various updates to descriptions and textures for equipment items
  • Various crash fixes across the areas of the game
  • Sounds of the Show will now no longer reset after closing the app
  • Replays will now last longer
  • Fixed an issue where players would receive an error message when attempting to download or save rosters from the vault
  • Various tweaks and adjustments to commentary
  • Fixed a visual bug where player’s hair would clip through their hats when viewed from a distance
  • When creating a player, the player’s hands should no longer escape from their wrists and float away while scrolling too quickly through animations
  • R3 will no longer change the song when in a player card view
  • Fixed an bug that would cause the controller to vibrate continuously when pausing the game after holding a pitch in the zone
  • Added exceptions to the profanity filter for names that have corresponding audio files

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